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Letter from the EPC Chairperson

Dear Fellow Cohassians,

Well it has been a very busy and productive five months since the creation of your Cohasset Emergency Preparation Committee. It became abundantly clear that in the case of another serious disaster—natural or man-made—Cohassians needed to be prepared to take care of ourselves and each other for at least one week. We have nearly 18 volunteers who have committed to varying levels of service. Without their commitment, none of the wonderful progress could have been accomplished. I also wish to honor the following volunteers who are overseeing the various sub-committees:

Karyl ClarkNeighborhood Emergency Blocks Development Location and Implementation
Linda Hartsong Emergency Food Collection/Storage and Preparation, Menu Development
Bob KrehbielHeavy and Light Equipment Resource Location and Availability List
Kirk StokesEmergency Transportation for Special- and Medical-Need Residents
Kathy LawsonLiaison with Red Cross as Partner Agency Status
Designated Shelter/Warming and Information Manager
Liz WeberDevelopment of Disaster Response Manual for Cohasset
Coordinator of Emergency Services
Red Cross Certified Instructor

Each and every one of these volunteers is also assisting on one another's sub-committees to lighten each other's load. Additionally, all the full-time volunteers are taking two FEMA classes to help them better help you. We are still in need of additional volunteers, even if you only have one or two hours a month. The more community involvement we have now, the greater cohesiveness we will have when we encounter our next disaster. I also want to recognize and thank our District 2 Supervisor, Maureen Kirk. Without Maureen's assistance and perseverance, many doors would not have been opened.

Since our major winter storm/wind event that blew in our New Year, the following improvements have begun: Cohasset is now being put on the Butte County Disaster Map (no—seriously—Cohasset was not even located on the map!); a Cohassian will be given the rough draft revision of the Emergency Operation Plan to review information pertaining to Cohasset; the CCA will be provided with a means to communicate with the county if our phone lines become inoperative; Red Cross Shelter supplies will be pre-positioned in Cohasset; We are in the process of acquiring a propane-powered generator to enable the CCA Building to function as either a Red Cross Shelter, a Warming Center or Information Center and supply emergency water to the residents of Cohasset should our power go out for any significant length of time.

None of these preparations take away from the importance of each and every resident's commitment to be proactive in making preparations for their own family. We all need to be prepared to be able to go at least three days without outside help. That means having an adequate supply of food, water, prescription medication and a safe means to heat your home and cook your food. There are articles included to help you make your own check-off sheet and information on items to take with you in case we have to evacuate the hill.

Thank you for the trust which you have placed in the Emergency Preparation Committee. Again, if you would like to sign up to volunteer—in any capacity—please see one of the CCA-EPC volunteers listed below. Also, if you need assistance to evacuate your home in a disaster, or if you know of someone who will need assistance, contact an EPC volunteer or sign up on the sheet by the front door of the CCA Building.

Here are some numbers to reach volunteers on the EPC, or to add your name to the transportation list:

Karyl Clark.......343-0794
Kathy Lawson.......343-1479
Linda Hartsong.......
Liz Weber.......
Bob & Maggie Krehbiel.......342-6547

Maggie Krehbiel
Chair, CCA-EPC

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